A financial crisis is looming.

Industry statistics differ based on source, however, any credible data search will confirm that Americans are sorely under prepared for retirement. Employees have proven that they will not take action unless you put a plan in their hands.

Why should you care?

In today’s world, helping employees retire on time and providing valuable retirement benefits are paramount to attracting and retaining a talented workforce. If you do not help your employees overcome their future financial burdens, how long and hard will they work for you?

Think you have this? You don't.

Do not confuse our solution with one of the many online tools or free services that retirement providers deliver. Unless your existing service offers totally independent advice and automatically reaches every employee without asking them to go online, then you don’t already have the solution.


The Solution

An annual service that delivers every active and retired employee a personalized retirement guide that can be customized with targeted messaging to motivate action based on an employee’s age, gender, salary, and more. This platform also includes a plan health report for employers, a custom employee communication campaign, and a mobile friendly Insights Portal.

  • Automatically delivers employees the Retirement Readiness advice they need.
  • RR Score™ annually tracks probable outcomes applied through Guidance, Advice, Target Date Funds or Managed Accounts.
  • Generational design provides for Targeted Messaging (e.g., age, gender or income) that speaks to each employee.
  • Unique “PUSH” proactive engagement, supported by online modeling, makes it easy for employees to participate in their retirement readiness.
  • Reach 100% of plan-eligible employees, including non-participants, through our Employee Census Integration (ECI) process.
  • Personalized Savings Plan and Investment Strategy, residing on a flexible platform, can be administered for all Plan types.
  • Plan-level Retirement Readiness assessments, analyses, metrics and trends make it easy on Plan Sponsors.

About us

Founded in 2007, Financial Soundings is an SEC-registered investment advisory that recognized a quickly approaching societal crisis as American employees are sorely unprepared for retirement. As retirement experts with over 70 years of collective industry experience, our founders created a solution that can finally bridge the gap between employees and the successful utilization of the retirement benefit available to them through their employer. The result is the only independent retirement readiness program that reaches 100% of plan eligible employees every year to ensure a successful retirement.

In 2019, after over a decade of excellence and development, Financial Soundings restructured its management team in order to prepare for the company’s long term future success while remaining a leader in Financial Technology solutions.

Meet the executive team

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We are here to answer questions about our program and are happy to create custom materials for your plan(s) or clients. Please don't hesitate to reach out via the contact form, or you can always call us direct at: 877.393.8222.

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