Increase Your Value-Add

As a plan advisor, you play a key role in creating the right tools for employees to plan for retirement more appropriately. Monitoring and replacing funds are critical aspects of establishing an effective plans are the support services you may provide to the plan fiduciary and/or retirement committee.

The Insights program, however, can take your practice to a new level of value provided to your plan sponsor clients. By providing each employee with a personalized report, we become a natural complement to the services you and the record keeper provide.

Impact to Advisors:

  • Enhanced communication strategy reaching all employees
  • Increased employee reach for the Advisor without additional workload
  • Value added service for existing clients
  • Key value differentiator for case acquisition
  • Positive impact on plan metrics including participation, contribution rates and testing results

Request Custom Materials

We understand the power of custom materials when you are presenting to your clients and prospects. Let us know the intricacies of your plan and we will prepare custom Participant, Non-Participant and Plan level reports along with an Executive Summary for you to use in your proposal.

Please fill out our Contact Form and we will turnaround materials in 24 hours.

Request Custom Materials